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Valencia Food

The Valencian paella, made with rice, chicken, rabbit and greens, is the typical dish in Valencian gastronomy. Each village has its own variations and preferences because rice mixes well with so many different ingredients. However, the most popular specialties are the meat paella (with chicken or rabbit), the seafood paella and the mixed one. Among fishermen, a dish known as arroz banda evolved, so called because the rice and the fish are cooked separately, for the flavor to be taken in, and it is served with garlic and oil (all I olí).Rice done in the oven in an earthenware dish is also extremely popular among Valencian families, together with rice and beet, cuttlefish, cauliflower and spinach, among other ingredients. In the region of La Safor, a dish known as flideau is made. This is similar to rice with seafood, but noodles are used instead of rice. In some inland regions, the main dish is gazpacho (a cold soup of bread, tomatoes, garlic, salt, vinager and oil), served in the form of a shepherd´s pie - made of wheat flour and cooked over a fire. This dish is found in the regions of Requena-Utiel, Valle de Ayora, Canal de Navarrés, La Costera and Los Serranos. In Los Serranos, the visitor might also like to try what is known as the olla churra, made from pieces of pork and black pudding, and gachas (a form of porridge), so as to have a taste of the region´s plentiful meat. Speaking of meat, it is custom to cook lamb chops over the fire, together with varieties of sausage such as longaniza (long and thin), black pudding and chorizo (spiced pork sausage).It is from the world of traditional home cooking that the custom of frying chicken and rabbit garnished with tomato sauce comes, as does the popular hervido (a dish of green beans cooked with potatoes and served with an oil and vinegar dressing), eaten as the evening meal.

Valencia is a land of tasty sweetmeats and bakery products. There is bread of all sizes and flavors, panquemados (toasted bread), Valencian doughnuts, turnovers, coconut cakes, anisette rolls, almond rosegons, egg-rings for Easter, Epiphany rings, and so on, all available at the many bake houses and confectioner's shops. As for drinks, a special mention must be made of orgeat (horchata), made from earth almonds, which is server as a cool refreshment, and natural orange juice mixed with cava (Catalonian wine similar to champagne) to make a drink known as agua de Valencia. Wine production is notable, as shown by the existence of 75,000 hectares of vineyards. The main cellars are to be found in Requena, Utiel, Llíria, Villar del Arzobispo and Tuéjar. Quality cava is also made in Requena.


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Days of Operation: Daily
Price guide: 10 - 150 Euro adults

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Rías Gallegas
Address: C/ Cirilo Amorós,  4

Galician restaurant with exceptionally high quality seafood transported down from the Atlantic coast. The Daily recommendations should be considered. Specialities include fine pasta with "zamburiñas", anglerfish with squid and gin butter, curd with sugar ice-cream. Excellent wine selection. Closed on Sundays and in August.   Expensive.

Address: C/ Lerida, 11

Very popular seafood restaurant frequented mainly by Valencianos attracted by excellent quality cuisine. Probably the city's top seafood spot. The fish baked in salt (a la sal) comes highly recommended.  It closes on Sunday nights and Mondays, at Easter and in August.  Expensive.

Address: C/ Navarro Reverter, 18
Valencian restaurant offering imaginitive regional specialities such as grilled cod with green peppers. Quaint setting in a 1910 townhouse.  Closed Sundays, Easter and August. No dinner on Sundays.  Expensive.

El Plat
Address:C/ Ciscar, 3
Locally renowned as the King of Paellas, this moderately priced restaurant offers a variation on the classic paella valenciana.  It is closed on Mondays and there is no dinner on Sundays.

La Riua
Address:C/ del Mar, 27
This great value restaurant is the place to head for to enjoy authentic Valencian rice dishes. The paella valenciana is obviously the most popuar dish amongst visitors, but also worth a mention are the fideuá (paella with noodles instead of rice) and the fresh fish dishes cooked with garlic and pepper (all i pebre). Closed Mondays, at Easter and in August.

El Paso
Address:Calle Conde de Altea 53
This wild west theme restaurant offers a great selection of dishes which include typical Spanish tapas, delicious Tex Mex meals and a selection of sandwiches. Staff speak English and French.