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The Nightlife

The province of Valencia is famous for its discotheques, where the music plays until dawn. They are situated on the outskirts of the city and on the Valencia - Cullera road, crossing numerous residential estates and beaches. A lot of bars and clubs are situated in 'Calle Juan Llorens'. Friday's and Saturday's are naturally the busiest days, with many people out. The atmosphere is always lively and usually rather hot too! It is a 'must do' - to go out after dining at El Carme and or perhaps before you visit la Floridita down by the beach.

We have created some exclusive advantages with the following Nightlife Businesses to allow all our VIP clients top treatment when they are with Valencia VIP.

Here are just some of the venues you can find yourself being spoiled...

NAME:                          La Indiana

CAPACITY:                 2000 PEOPLE                                   


MÚSIC:                        Hall and VIP  = Funky, Jazz, Blues, Soul

                                      House  Room = House

                                      Latina Room  = Latino


La Indiana - The VIP area, with an extraordinary view of the salt watered aquarium, the largest in Europe on a private scale, full of exotic, tropical species such as sharks, blow fishes, morenas, blue angels etc.. 

To enter the rest rooms you have to go through a long hall which has two impressive aquariums on either side, one with black-tip sharks and more than 1000 tropical fishes from the Caribbean

Party with Valencia VIP and have a night to remember?
This is just an example of venues we associate with.


Days of Operation: FRI + SAT
Price: Depending on Transport choice + Guide

  • Private guided tour of the Best Clubbing around town
  • Pub Lunch (food/drink not included)



Discoteca Tropicana Salsa, S.L.

ALGINET (Valencia)

Giorgio et Enrico Discoteca

BENIFERRI (Valencia)

Discoteca Belabarce CANET DE BERENGUER (Valencia)
Discoteca Canet y Fuster, S.L. CANET DE BERENGUER (Valencia)
Discoteca B.S.D.

CHIVA (Valencia)

Discoteca Chiva Expansión, S.L.

CHIVA (Valencia)

Discoteca La Morocha

CHIVA (Valencia)

Discoteca Puzzle

EL PERELLÓ (Valencia)

Discoteca Cala EL PERELLONET (Valencia)
Discoteca Bananas

EL ROMANI (Valencia)

Discoteca Bounty Saler

EL SALER (Valencia)

Discoteca Bacarra

GANDIA (Valencia)

Discoteca Bacabra, S.L.

GANDIA (Valencia)

Discoteca Chace, S.L.

MANISES (Valencia)

Discoteca Ku-Manises

MANISES (Valencia)

Discoteca Neptuno MASSALAVÉS (Valencia)
New Velvet MASSANASSA (Valencia)
Discoteca Repvblicca

MISLATA (Valencia)

Rialto Dance Club

MISLATA (Valencia)

Discoteca Arabesco

PATERNA (Valencia)

Discoteca Guru

PATERNA (Valencia)

Disc Pampol 's, S.L.

PILES (Valencia)

Discoteca Canal

PINEDO (Valencia)

Discoteca Dreams Valencia, S.L.

PINEDO (Valencia)

Discoteca The Face

PINEDO (Valencia)

Discoteca Cachamba, S.L. POBLA DE VALLBONA (Valencia)
Discoteca Evento POBLA DE VALLBONA (Valencia)
Discoteca Milenio POBLA DE VALLBONA (Valencia)
Discoteca Claramunt y Puchol, S.L.

PUZOL (Valencia)

Discoteca La Diosa RAFAELBUNYOL (Valencia)
Discoteca Queen SAN ANTONIO DE BENAGEBER (Valencia)
Discoteca DJB

SILLA (Valencia)

Discoteca Bananas

SOLLANA (Valencia)

Bucaneros y Piratas, S.L.

SUECA (Valencia)

Disco Moli, S.L.

SUECA (Valencia)

Disco Molli, S.L.

SUECA (Valencia)

Discoteca Chocolate

SUECA (Valencia)

Cenic Discoteca VALENCIA
Discoteca La Indiana VALENCIA
Discoteca A.C.T.V. VALENCIA
Discoteca Akuarela VALENCIA
Discoteca Akuarela Playa VALENCIA
Discoteca Boss VALENCIA
Discoteca Bounty Valencia VALENCIA
Discoteca Cafe Cantante VALENCIA
Discoteca Casablanca VALENCIA
Discoteca Daikiri - Che, S.L. VALENCIA
Discoteca Golden VALENCIA
Discoteca Gotham City VALENCIA
Discoteca Las Animas VALENCIA
Discoteca Le Club VALENCIA
Discoteca Llampua VALENCIA
Discoteca Looping VALENCIA
Discoteca Rumbo 144 VALENCIA
Discoteca Salamandra VALENCIA
Discoteca Studio 17 VALENCIA
Discoteca Suso's VALENCIA
Discoteca Tango VALENCIA
Discoteca Venga Aca, S.L. VALENCIA
Discoteca Victor's VALENCIA
Discoteca Waksman 18, S.L. VALENCIA
Discoteca Warhol VALENCIA
Discoteca Woody VALENCIA
Hot Discoteca - Restaurante VALENCIA
Kultural Jump VALENCIA
Oh! Valencia Music-Club VALENCIA
Pub Queen's VALENCIA
Sala Al Alba (Rociera) VALENCIA
Sala Lady's VALENCIA
Sala Xuquer VALENCIA
Discoteca Alkimia

XATIVA (Valencia)

Discoteca Driver Xativa, S.L.

XATIVA (Valencia)

Their is still a hole lot more on offer,

Contact us now and let us organise your night to remember.